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There are a few websites and LJ-communities that aid in the production or gathering of materials to create Harry Potter-inspired costumes. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a place just for interior design. Haven't you ever had a dream of transforming your bedroom into a Ravenclaw dormitory? Or converting your living room into the Slytherin Common Room? Well, if you're anything like me, it's an everyday sort of dream.

This, hopefully, will become a place for us all to come together to share ideas, photos, patterns, links, places to shop, etc... So please feel free to post your own creations as well as requests for ideas.

RULES: Hopefully, we're all adults here. General rules apply: keep your pics behind an LJ-cut, don't flame other people's ideas, try to keep the community advertising to your own LJ unless it is directly related to Harry Potter interior decorating, etc. (ie. NO RPG communities!), and have fun! That's it... =P
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