Rhiannon (rubymulligan) wrote in hogwarts_design,

Hermione's Potion Box

Some of you have asked that I post pictures of my Hermione's potion box. It is not the actual prop used in the movie, but rather a rare souvenir item given away to the cast and crew of Chamber of Secrets. Nonetheless, I think it's pretty cool.

Hermione's Potion Box.

A close-up of the wood-burned logo for CoS.

A peek inside.

You can pull out the entire piece that holds the test tubes.

The test tubes contain mostly spices, pumpkin seeds, moss, etc.

The jars contain your run-of-the-mill dried floral bits and seed pods.

So, all in all, it looks pretty neat, but you can make something similar by yourself, easily. I did!

You can find a wooden remote control caddy at most department stores.

A peek inside will show that it is really close to what you're trying to achieve.

Small glass jars are easily obtainable at most craft stores. I haven't yet added the test tube rack, but glass test tubes can be found at educational stores. Drilling the right sized holes in the wood strip is the only tricky part, and if you're handy it's not tricky at all.

Finally, I used a stencil and painted my initials in black and then outlined them with a gold paint pen.
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