Bulletproof Cupid (monifieth) wrote in hogwarts_design,
Bulletproof Cupid

Hello! I've been watching this community for quite a while now, without ever having posted. I've been getting steadily more and more impressed by the ideas you all come up with!

I'm looking at decorating at the moment (the house isn't mine, but still), and have been putting together plans for a common room style lounge and a bedroom. The house-owner isn't an avid HP fan although she did love the books, but loves the entire feel and style of Hogwarts. The lounge is Gryffindor style, as is the bedroom. Mostly, things have been going well, and I've been following links provided in comments in this community and gotten some brilliant ideas. But, we have come across a problem. Light fittings. What do you suggest? We need something for both the lounge/common room and the bedroom/dorm, and although the budget isn't our main concern obviously there are limits.

Thanks in advance.

Oh.... Also, I don't suppose anyone has any ideas as to how we would go about recreating the Prefect's Bathroom. That's for a different house, different person, but I see no point in making more than one post. Thanks. ♥
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